What is Today’s Lesson?

Today’s Lesson is where I share my thoughts on business, life and the zen of ruthless marketing. Almost daily.

It might be my perspective on something I heard or read. Other times it will be a thought I woke up with. Maybe it’s something that frustrated me. Maybe it’s sharing clarity I gained through experience. It may be a key action you need to take to level up your business (or life). It may simply be something I learned along the way that I want to pass along. It could be a killer strategy that you need to start using right now in your business. It could be a way to look at things differently. It may be busting a myth. It may be reinforcing a best practice.

It might be me just reminding you to choose to have a great day.

Who are you and why should I care?

I’m Charles Lee. I help entrepreneurs grow and scale 6 and 7-figure small businesses. My strengths are in systems and marketing, but after doing this for over 20 years I have also gained experience in countless other areas including operations, process development, paid advertising, and automation strategies.

Whether you should care (or not) is totally up to you.

If what you’re doing now is helping you achieve your dreams and giving you plenty of free time to enjoy your life, you probably have everything under control and you don’t need anybody else’s insights, tips, advice or input…

Keep doing that, you magnificent unicorn!

But, if everything isn’t sunshine and roses, if you’re looking for a way to enjoy more free time and actually figure out how to grow & scale your business (and life), maybe you’ll find a golden nugget or two here to help you do things a little differently.

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