What's This About?

Welcome to “Today’s Lesson” by me, Charles Lee. This is where I share my thoughts on business, life and the zen of ruthless marketing. Almost daily.

As a trusted marketing and systems advisor and strategist since 1999, many of my clients, friends and colleagues have encouraged me for years to start publishing and sharing my “lessons” again. (Especially since the last public training I promoted was way back in 2007 when I created the still-popular Hybrid Marketing workshop.)

I started this newsletter for them, and for you.

But there are no kid gloves here.

You want compassion?
Hire a therapist.

You want to learn how my team, our clients and students out-market you every single day, and have for over 20 years, without getting Google-slapped or worrying about the latest SEO strategies or the most popular new “here today, gone tomorrow” loophole…

You’re in the right place.

“Here today, gone tomorrow" tactics are for rookies.

I’m here to share my thoughts and answer your questions with my experience.

The “Today’s Lesson” might be my perspective on something I heard or read. Other times it will be a thought I woke up with. Maybe it’s something that frustrated me. Maybe it’s sharing clarity I gained through experience. It may be a key action you need to take to level up your business (or life). It may simply be something I learned along the way that I want to pass along. It could be a killer strategy that you need to start using right now in your business. It could be a way to look at things differently. It may be busting a myth. It may be reinforcing a best practice.

It might be me just reminding you to choose to have a great day.

Or to get your head out of your ass.

Here’s what a few people have to say about their experience with me…

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Charles Lee for years now and the benefit of having him coach me on many lines of business. You cannot go wrong with this guy. A true soul and friend."
- Jeffry Civey

"You have helped me with many things, from marketing to just plain ole good advice!"
- Jacob Mackey

"Charles Lee is a one in a million person who teaches you by listening in ways that other miss. He uses his experience to really get the most out of you, and provides honest and actionable feedback that will be an asset to your and your business for years to come!"
- Brian Basilico

"If you slow down long enough to listen, he might just point you in a new direction that leads you to the place where you can live your best life as the most authentic YOU! Thanks, Charles Lee!"
- Rhonda Knight Boyle

“Nice guy. Ruthless marketer.”
- Sherrie Rose

Look, if what you’re doing now is helping you achieve your dreams, keep doing that. If not, maybe it’s time to do things a little differently.

All I know is this little experiment is the cheapest opportunity you will ever get to have a peek behind the curtain at insights and strategies I have never shared or taught publicly.

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